Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Guys, I feel TERRIBLE for causing such a delay in my blogging. I've been in school a week now and only moved in to my apartment on Friday. That's right, I spent a week sleeping on my best friend's couch. Not fun.
Anyway, I've almost got all of my pictures hung, then I need to organize some things and procure some means of DVD storage. Then, I will post pictures! I think you guys will enjoy all of my Classic Hollywood touches!
I rpomise I will write something within the next 24 hours on "Mildred Pierce", which is on TCM right now. I got my DVR (!!!) yesterday, so I'll be watching it this evening.

Don't forget to watch or record "Tender Comrade" on Friday morning!


Tom said...

ooh. Can't wait for the post on Mildred Pierce.

jwalker said...

Cool! glad to hear you are 'settling in'...I think a lot of the 'shared bloggers' are also making school preparations as well, which is of utmost importance! So don't worry about this too much - just get all the BIG stuff in line!
...Having said that, glad to hear you got a DVR! I have one, with a VHS 'combo' - I bought one last Christmas, and really didn't start messing with it until 'GingerQuest' began - now it is INVALUABLE! I make DVD's from stuff taped from TCM, and also even 'back-up' DVD stuff to VHS tape (maybe overkill, but is there such a thing regarding VKM?)

The Kid In The Front Row said...

Surely sorting out DVD storage should be first on the list! ;)