Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More pics

Posting those pictures earlier and doing some digging with Juliette led me to searching for more Ginger pictures. I ended up with 37 pictures I had never seen before! Here are a few:

This was taken from a balcony at the entrance to the Cocoanut Grove, the site of the 1940 Oscars.

Ginger, Lela, and Walter Owns (Lela's dad and Ginger's grandpa) fighting over a sandwich on the set of "The Major and the Minor". Could this get cuter?

A Rare color picture from the set of The Barkleys of Broadway.

From about 1933. Anyone have more information on this one?
Happy Trails,


Juliette. said...

Oh my goodness...the one with her grandfather is adorable beyond belief! Great work! :)

jwalker said...

COOL pix, Maggie! It's really amazing how many Ginger photos are out there...well, obviously she was quite photogenic :-) - but I have seen NONE of these... (The 'bearded' one? hmmm... should be an interesting story behind THAT one... I DO know she was quite the 'practical joker'...) and I have oh, around 400 pix of her...
Thanks again! And a great site here... I should have jumped over here sooner! JW

AbbyNormal said...

I watched "Having Wonderful Time" this morning on TCM with her. She is just one of the cutest and most likable actresses out there isn't she? I LOVE the sandwich photo :-)