Thursday, August 6, 2009


Since I read about this story last night, I have become a little worried.
The House where Our lady of Gingeriness was born is up for sale. It's REALLY cheap at $20,000 (less than half of what we bought my piece of crap house from the 20s for in 1996) and no one is interested.
Honestly, this house isn't THAT important, I guess. Ginger and Lela only lived there for a couple of weeks, when they moved back in to Lela's parents house. That should be the house that is preserved. I looked it up a few months ago on google maps and it seemed to be in good condition. Here it is, 3306 Bellefontaine Ave:

View Ginger in a larger map
Once you go in to street view, go just a little to the right. It's the house with the screened porch, stone foundation, and a red car in the driveway. Here's a picture of baby Ginger on the porch:

I hope the historical society takes note of the importance of preserving these homes. The birth house has a plaque as seen on the website of the realtor. Oddly enough, July 16th 1994 was Ginger's last birthday, as she passed away in April of 1995. She spent her first and last birthdays in the same house. Maybe that doesn't strike anyone else as interesting, but I'm weird like that. I'm sure if someone bought the birth home and turned it in to a small museum, it would do well, especially if they could get hold of some of her costumes and personal items.
I am considering writing to the historical society in Kansas City. If I did, would other readers back me up?


Amanda Cooper said...

I completely agree with you. Ginger's birthplace should be preserved, and a Ginger Rogers museum would be amazing. It would probably receive a lot of attention, too. There are a lot of Ginger fans just waiting for something like this.

Amanda Cooper said...

P.S. You have a really great blog! I'll have to go back through your archive and read more.

Juliette. said...

I would!

To steal a PS from Amanda Cooper-- great blog indeed. :)

Maggie said...

Thank you very much Juliette!

sneakysnoo11 said...

I for one would certainly back up any call for preserving the house :)

Beth xx

jwalker said...

...same here! Seems like the City (or is it Town?) of Independence would do something like that! Maybe that is where we need to direct 'inquiries' to... I think they would already have a 'consulting committee' at their disposal...the folks posted in this comment 'thread'!!! well, we would also have to get Lauren in on it, of course :-)